Licesnse To Kill


     Can you imagine a world where murder is not only legal but trendy? Well folks you don’t need to imagine anymore. It is a reality.
Abortion is the first example. While some don’t even consider it a human life form, the fetus is to a sane and rational person an actual human being which has become not only legal but now funded by the The United States Government of which people are forced to be an accessory to murder. An estimated over 44,000 this year 2013 already. Take a look at this site it will blow your mind.

Abortion Clock

I would call that a license to kill which brings us to the other new sport in American politics I like to call “Hunting The Humans”.
     The Bill of Rights is dead! A victim of the NDAA law instituted after 911 under the Busch presidency and not only continued but expanded by the Obama White House. In Summary; The law gives the president of the United States and Homeland Security to send troops to arrest Americans living in America. That is being kidnapped by the military and indefinitely detained. “Yes, the Feinstein-Lee Amendment explicitly guarantees the right of a trial by jury to American citizens, but it also explicitly authorizes the president to indefinitely detain them, and the Authority for the Use of Military Force. The denial of due process to all persons and the retention of the totalitarian power granted the president to deploy the U.S. military to arrest citizens without charge” (New American) is a reality but it gets worse.

Obama’s Kill List

Drone Assasin
     “The drone policy the president has developed not only infringes on the sovereignty of other nations, but the assassinations violate laws put in place in the 1970s after scandals enveloped an earlier era of CIA criminality.” (The Nation) The fact that the president of the United States is briefed everyday and decides who will be targeted is noy just shocking but murder and its all legal. Khadafi in Libya was treated so brutally and cheered by Hilary Clinton and the whole establishment was a murder. Illegal under the Geneva convention. A true war crime. But most Americans would say that could never happen in America let alone a citizen but that is simply wrong. Proof that President Obama has the authority to assassinate American Citizens is the fact he already has. Anwar al-Awlaki “The Obama administration’s “presidential assassination program,” whereby American citizens are targeted for killings far away from any battlefield, based exclusively on unchecked accusations by the Executive Branch that they’re involved in Terrorism.” (Salon) Anwar al-Awlaki an American citizen was assassinated September 30, 2011. Regardless how evil the man was his right for due process was stripped from him as it was for all Americans. That my friend is a license to kill.